‘I just want a bad boy!’ Just stop… – moved

‘I just want a bad boy!’ Just stop… – moved

I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve heard a female utter the above phrase in reference to the fact she’s grown weary of dating “good guys” (and whatever that means in this day and age I’m still trying to ascertain), and has subsequently opted to seek a man/men she assumes will be the polar opposite of those she’s become bored with/by. If you happen to be one such female, I have only one piece of advice: You don’t want a bad boy. Why? Read along…

You don’t want a bad boy in the traditional sense of the word; you merely want to date/be with someone who treats you poorly enough that you can run home and complain to your girlfriends about. Why? Because it gives you the attention you so desperately crave. Why? Well, fuck, I’m not a shrink; but I’m sure there could be a million explanations for that one… none of which will be touched upon in this blog. In fact, I don’t even think a novel would suffice.

Well, fuck, I’m not a shrink; but I’m sure there could be a million explanations for that one…


The other reason you seek a partner who will inevitably treat you like shit is your innate (and completely mysterious) desire to “fix” him. I’ve never been able to comprehend this ideology, but perhaps it stems from a female’s biological mothering propensity to nurture. Whatever the case may be, you can’t “fix” someone who doesn’t feel as though they’re personally broken. Thus, it invariably becomes an exercise in futility. But keep trying… I’m sure you’ll succeed one of these days. Wow, I couldn’t even type that without laughing hysterically…

Here are a few words of wisdom, ladies: “bad boys” aren’t so bad as they seem. Ooh, you want a man who rides a motorcycle? Yeah, some of my friends who ride bikes also happen to be the biggest pussies I know. Try again. How about a musician? Oh wait… No, you don’t want a musician because most true musicians are broke, and God knows THAT’S not what you’re looking for. And if he happens to be a successful musician in this day and age, chances are he’s an emo rocker who wears female attire and “guyliner” (my, how “bad ass” considering he’ll be borrowing your clothes and makeup, and will most likely take longer than you to prep for a date), or plays in a shitty pop band lacking either balls and/or substance.     Let’s face it, the “bad ass” musicians of yesteryear, a la Motley Crue (abn even they wore tight pants and makeup), have been overshadowed by touchy-feely alternarock or hipster pop music. And let’s also not forget that by nature, a majority of male musicians are more emotional than most women. I’ll admit that I’m more in touch with my feminine side than most. After all, I’m drummer, guitarist and songwriter. But I’ve played with enough musicians and in a number of bands throughout the years to say with the utmost certainty that we’re some of the most emotional beings on the planet… a far cry from any sort of bad boyishness.


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    Chris 8 years

    That is some real talk right there! Well put.

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    Amandax 8 years

    ”’You don’t want a bad boy in the traditional sense of the word; you merely want to date/be with someone who treats you poorly enough that you can run home and complain to your girlfriends about.”’

    Thats not how the reality is. Dude, you dont like women, fore sure. But how about stopping making such untrue statements? Men and women can find themselves in shitty relationships. Men and women cheat, and can be cheated on. Thats life. But no one searches for an asshole, female asshole.
    Yeah sure some women with low self-esteem are searching for this, but this is a small percentage of women, some men are searching for this too (yeah…). And saying that women search for assholes because they want attention from their female friends is funny. BUT WHY are you mad at women who search assholes? Why do you even care about that? what makes you so angry about the fact that some women like assholes and cry with their friends afterwards? I never will understand.

    You admit that there are men who end up with crazy bitches in a relationship. YEAH. But here are women who end up with crazy assholes too. Where is the difference? An asshole or a bitch, both are scum.

    ”’And if you just want a rough romp in the bedroom with an asshole who will make you feel like a porn star or two-dollar hooker”’

    Sure if both parts only want to have sex, just let them.That doesnt mean that the girl will feel like a two-doller hooker…
    Some women like having rough sex. Not only with random assholes but with their boyfriends. Women do not want to be treated like fairy tale princesses in the bed.

    ””Perhaps your bad-boy desires equate to seeking a muscle-bound fella to toss you about your boudoir and really make you feel like the bad girl/whore you’ve always wanted to be. ””
    If I want to feel like a whore I might get paid for the sex. Being bossed around isnt the same, it doesnt make you feel like a whore, probably like a opressed mouse, but not like a whore.

    ”You can both hit the gym together and maybe sneak into the locker room for a quickie since you’ll soon realize that’s where he spends 90 percent of his fucking time. ”

    Yeah my boyfriend spends a lot of time at the gym. He isnt an asshole and sure having great quickies wont make him an asshole either. 😀

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      LT 8 years

      You wrote an entire freaking novel while missing the damn point. Omg…

      He isn’t MAD about women seeking bad boys. Sure men seek crazy girls too. It goes both way. BUT he’s talking about women seeking bad boys THEN complain about it and proceed to making the same damn mistake again without understanding the nature of their actions.

      Gosh, reading comprehension please…

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      Billy jerb 8 years

      Lmao so triggered

    • comment-avatar
      HighIQ 8 years

      You are slow.

    • comment-avatar
      Congrats! 8 years

      Goes to TTG blog post.

      Takes each argument seriously, and writes thoughtful reply hoping to not offend anyone.

      *Receives “First Day on Internet” achievement*

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      Sairz 8 years

      Well said!

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    LinkOfAges 8 years

    Hit the nail right on the head

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    Arian 8 years

    Some girl said she wanted a bad boy so I farted and she got cheesed at me. What do you want me to do; be socially acceptable? Only poons do that. I’m a man. I do what I want. If I want to give you a dirty Sanchez, you’d better take it. You wanted a bad boy. You gotta be my Bonnie and go with whatever bad things I do. I’m a bad boy.

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    Chris 8 years

    The good women don’t search for bad boys you’ll just have to trust me on this and you need not be resentful because their relationships are doomed from the outset. Just don’t be the shoulder they cry on while they wait for their next masochistic fix. Leave them to their fate.

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    Chris 8 years

    These women you speak of are not women these are women who have the emotional intelligence of a teenager.and are borderline retarded

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