“Strong Independent women”

“Strong Independent women”

Strong Independent women

(Each characteristic lifted from an actual article and the description rewritten by yours truly)

1. They don’t neglect their careers:

They overwork themselves and post inspirational quotes on Facebook. Also, their status on Facebook is continuously about how they’re about success and hard work and always on the grind even though they are toiling in same entry level position since they graduated college and will struggle to achieve mediocrity in their life. They work hard and prioritize their shitty job and use it as an excuse for why they’re single.

2. They don’t overreact to bad situations or mistakes

A strong independent woman can handle any situation that is put in front of him. She does this by sweeping it under the rug and telling everybody nothing phases her.

3. They don’t rise to bait the haters

They tell everybody that all their “success” in their mediocre career isn’t to make the haters jealous. Yet nobody cares or is envious of them in any way, shape, or form, yet they continue to constantly talk about their haters that really don’t exist.


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    JS 8 years

    Alex is my spirit animal

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    Linax5 7 years

    LOl? Thats not how those women are in reality. You say they have a ”shitty” job. Oh, yeah? What jobs are shitty? So what if they have only a decent, boring job?

    Lazy women do admit that they are lazy, not independent.

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    Linax5 7 years

    ” They’re a ball of urges and impulses with miserable personalities and intolerable traits. They demand everything from everybody and give absolutely nothing back.” LoL
    ”’That’s why they’re single, lonely, and in need of attention, because great men don’t go for “strong independent women.””’ You mean great men like you?
    What are you even writing? This whole article is shit. You’re complaing about some women who posted some shitty things and blablabla. You dont even know them in real life, I mean there are men and women out there who havent got the best jobs, best lifes and all that. Yeah some women are lonely and single, just as some men are. Why do you care so much? They dont pretend to be ”strong”. They actually just living their lifes, thats all.

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    Linax5 7 years

    ”Instead, they bounce around from toxic relationship to toxic relationship and blame all those horrible experiences on the guys, even though she continuously seeks out dysfunctional relationships.”

    HOW DO YOU EVEN KNOW? really….. how do you even know so much about a persons love-life? You are just making stupid statements here.

    Well in fact, its is totally fine to blame ‘horrible’ experiences on the guys. You would blame your ex-girlfriend for cheating on you too…right?

    And my question again; How do you know so much about their love-lifes? About what kind of men they are dating, why they broke up…and so on and so on.

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    Linax5 7 years

    ”and bang random dudes”

    How do you know that they are having casual sex? and even if, why do you care? there are men who ”bang random chicks” as well. Why are you bringing up this stupid point?

    ”but are really fishing desperately for compliments from the stable of guys she’s left in the friendzone”

    You mean the guys who write posts like this? Or the guys a woman simply doesnt wanted to fuck, even if he was ”nice”. Well dude most people are nice.

    ”’All they want is a simple relationship with a nice guy. This is why she keeps so many around to worship her but she’ll never sleep with any of them.” —> How dare the woman dont sleep with a nice guy she doesnt find attractive. Thats SOOO evil. I mean HEY he is nice to you, fuck him! … In reality women end up in relationships with a nice guy. Most guys are nice, thats not something special, just saying.
    ” Instead she’ll hold out for Ryan Gosling but with more money and a bigger dick.” –> She will fuck any guy she WANTS, like it or not. But Im sure that having a big cock has no direct relation to the amount of money. And to believe that women only date ”rich” guys is laughable. Really. Prefering big cocks isnt bad. Just as men prefer big boobs, so no complaint here.
    ”’ She’ll keep waiting around for a guy who’s clearly just using her for sex and use the one time he took her for coffee before dropping her off at home on a Sunday morning as proof that he wants something serious. ” –> And I thought that women like this usually only want to fuck random dudes, so both parties want to fuck. Where is the problem there? HM???? Of course the dude only wants sex if he only knows her for one day. But MAYBE she also only wants to have sex?
    And maaaybe she will date a nice guy, but just not the nice you want her to date, ?

    And if she ends up in a relationship? Isnt she still the evil bitch? Because she ends up with ”the wrong” guy in a relationship. Because ”nice” guys never break up.

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    Linax5 7 years

    Women will date whomever they want. Just as men will date whomever they want.

    Being nice is not a special thing. MOST guys are nice. And those ”nice” guys still are the ones who cheat and all that.
    There are men who end up in bad relationships. There are men who have casual sex. There are men with shitty jobs, shitty lives. There are men with no education. There are men who pretend to be independent.

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    skitz69 7 years

    Me thinks thou dost protest too much ladies hit a nerve did he

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    TheTruthTeller 7 years

    Strong independent women are the Worse ones to date because of their greed and selfishness that they carry around with them.

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    Lewis 7 years

    Great article.
    I like the part when in the article it talks about her fishing for compliments from a stable of guys who she friend zoned.

    That bit of the article is the dark cringe of our society.

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    LetTheRealTruthBeTold 7 years

    Most strong independent women are such a turn off for many of us Good men out there because these type of women are so very full of themselves because they usually do want the Best and will Never at all settle for Less. They really think that they’re God’s gift to men which their really Not at all since they have such a very Bad Attitude Problem as well which is a real shame. Their Personality really stinks too Unfortunately which is why many of them will Never find a Good man since many of us men Don’t want a woman like that in our life to begin with since they cause so much Drama as well.

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    James 7 years

    Wow, so many of you women that have a Career today are very strong and independent? Big deal, who cares how much money You make which many of us Good men out there could care less anyway since many of You women are very Selfish And very Greedy as it is. Give me a real Good old fashioned woman anytime compared to the ones that are out there now that really think that they’re all that but very sorry to Disappoint You which You’re Not at all.

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    Lulu 6 years

    Never felt so sad for a guy in my whole life. If this article was drawn from experience, you have met a very small, very poor-quality cross-section of women my friend.

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