It’s time to face the music: women don’t do Anything

It’s time to face the music: women don’t do Anything

Let’s face it, most women don’t do shit. Now, before all of you proud vagina owners go getting your granny panties in a bunch, please note the adjective “most.” For our non-Mensa TTG fans, that means a majority, but not all. There are always exceptions to every rule/trend/stereotype/etc.

Now, at this juncture, there are likely countless women readers in various mindsets. Some already hate me without even knowing where I’m going with this particular article; others are busily preparing to defend their position (despite having zero idea to what I’m referring when I use the word “shit” in that context): “I do shit!” they’re screaming in their heads. And then are likely those who are subtly agreeing with me because they, too, have female friends whose sole purpose in life is to procreate with men who have the monetary means to replace their various body parts as they start to sag throughout the years. Whatever your opinion may be, I do so encourage you to continue reading, as you may learn a thing or two about us males and our desires.

When I write “women don’t do shit,” I intend to imply that there are an exorbitant number of women in the world who make it their sole purpose in life to swap their last name for a set of fake tits and a Mercedes SUV (God forbid they be seen showing up to their kids’ soccer practices in anything less). You know, the females who barely graduated college with a degree in communications and hopped around equal numbers of both service industry jobs and dick in their 20s, only to arrive at 30 and realize they were losing their looks faster than their meager earnings could afford injections of both Botox and silicon? Yeah, those women. And ironically enough, they tend to be the very same women who demand their male counterparts be everything they’re not: wealthy, gorgeous and interesting. Hypocritical much?


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