Murica The Beautiful

Murica The Beautiful

Trumpdate: 1st Month of Trump

Nov. 8th 10pm EST – Planning of Executive Orders: as a pre-president, DJT can’t actually issue executive orders yet, but he has started the drafting process.  It’s fitting that he chose to deal with the biglyiest most ominous threats first; John Oliver, Alec Baldwin and Stephen Colbert.  This will be the first step of many in Making Television Great Again.

Nov. 15th 9am EST – Choosing An Official Shoe: Barrack Obama will forever be remembered as the blue jeans president and in Trumply fashion, Obama needed to be 1-upped.  So 4 minutes after White Nationalists announced that New Balance was their official shoe, DJT jumped on the bandwagon and Made New Balance Great Again by rebranding the already popular white on white New Balance shoe.

Nov. 25th 9 am EST – Repurpose The Wall: After a busy Thanksgiving, DJT made the announcement via Twitter, that he had saved 1,000 US jobs at Carrier, that would have been relocated to Mexico.  It has been made sufficiently clear to US companies and investors that The Great Wall will not only prevent immigration, it would also serve to keep the jobs in the US that may have otherwise gone to Mexico or anywhere else immigrants come from.


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