The Tasteless Gentlemen Group II

The Tasteless Gentlemen Group II

Well, we’re into the second week of The Tasteless Gentlemen Group and it’s so savage that people are catching 24-48 hour bans just for using bad words.  Mitchell takes the cake for the featured image above and about 14 other memes in here.  Here are some of the interesting reported posts that I’ve seen since we started…

If you can follow 1 basic rule (no reporting) – you can join the TTG Group on FB – Join Today

To be totally fair, we had a lot of people really excited to get into the group and for whatever reason they wanted attention in a negative way and asked to be roasted.

This one was from a moderator to me…

You can’t be too careful what you post, all the bad words.

Apparently being Woke AF is also frowned upon…

And this one, not even sure why it got flagged…

It’s getting hard out here when you want to use slang on the interwebs.


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