Mother’s Day Meme Dump

Mother’s Day Meme Dump

I had to walk to school which I didn’t mind.  It was a group of us from the neighborhood that would walk the mile and a half to school.  It was always fun until we had a gun pulled on us by some psycho down the street.  On the bright side, it’s nice to know my reaction to getting a gun pulled on me is to run as fast as possible.  Valuable information to have for a 3rd grader.

This pretty much sums up the conversation I had with my mom this morning.

This was the worst.  What is even worse now is she makes me get on facetime with relatives so I actually have to act interested while talking to them.  I can’t just sit there watching TV and pretend to talk.

This is why I never got my girls gone wild tapes

This is why I’m always on time.  I learned the hard way.

Here’s a dollar fifty

It’s not worth the argument.  Ever

These are the kind of jokes my mom says.

This is a fact.  My mom once put a penny on the floor to see who would pick it up.  It was there for a month then she yelled at my dad, my brother and me for never doing anything.

Having a Jewish mother meant she had 289 relatives that she had hour long conversations with every single week.


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