A few online dating tips for women…

A few online dating tips for women…

1. Stop using group photos as your primary profile image. Why you do this is beyond me, and yet so many of you continue to do so. Here’s what every guy thinks when he opens up your profile and discovers the primary image to be a group photo: “Dear God, please, for the love of all things holy and great, let it be the hottest one in the group…” News flash: it NEVER fucking is. Thus, all men do upon realizing you aren’t the hot one of the group is either delete you, unmatch, swipe left; or, if said male happens to be one of those who swipes right on ALL females, he will invariably ignore you. I guarantee it.We all lie and pretend to be someone else on the Interwebs, but if you’re trying to sell yourself as a viable option for a male companion, at least be a bit more straightforward. He’s going to find out one way or another… you might as well just be up-front from the get-go.





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    Billy 8 years

    Great read and so on point. I know your a dog lover as am I, but girls need to get rid of the solo pet pictures as well. Also the chest and leg shots without the face included. What are they hiding?

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    Clarkus 8 years

    Also why is it ok for them to say Im tall and I like to wear heels so no short guys? (Im average height 5’10”) Fuck off!…if guys said must have minimum C cup and max BMI of 25 (No fatties) there’d be fucking war

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    Amandax 7 years

    ”’Men love chicks who sleep around. They’re GRRREAT (said in a Tony the Tiger voice)! Why? Because sex is fun and we love getting laid. The negative associations assigned to women and casual sex are a direct product of other women. Women constantly judge and compete with one another.”
    Everyone should sleep around, safely. But Im sure that having 1-2 partners wont make you a slut.You posted a facebook-picture where you said that women who have sex without knowing the guy for a while (first date) are sluts. I disagree. Having one one night stands doesnt make you to a slut, just my opinion. Having 10 one night stands in a year does make you a slut. But if you want to be a slut, be one. Im a slut too, I just have luck being in relationships all my life so that I dont have to fuck random people. But Im a slut, mentally (every woman is one ! )
    I just think that women should only sleep around if they actually have an orgasm and enjoy sex. Not solely for attention. There are two types of ”sluts”, some are totally fine.

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