The Value of Lady Parts-Stock:  A Global Commodity

The Value of Lady Parts-Stock: A Global Commodity

In a developing country where people are used to having less, sex is viewed as a pleasure that is free and enjoyable, like music and dance. This is not to say that women in these countries are sluts, but let’s just say they are less discriminating when it comes to how much you can offer them when it comes to wanting to have sex.

In my opinion, if you must place restrictions on whom you will have sex with based on whether they will provide for you, you are in fact putting a value on your pussy. And the more you want for it, the higher value you are creating. The problem with creating a high value commodity in one location versus another is that in a time that travel is so easy, you may be pricing yourself out of the market. I am not saying that women have a value in general, that would be chauvinistic of me, but when you put a price on it… Well, it’s hard not to see it as a product.

Have sex with who you want, not who can better your situation or give you financial security. If you continue to put it up for sale, we’ll keep putting a value on it.


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