Super Spicy Lunch Dump

Super Spicy Lunch Dump

I’m feeling spicy today. Not the kind of weak, Tapatio, Cholula, spicy, but I’m talking ghost pepper, Habanero spicy. The kind o spicy where you can’t even handle your own junk when you gotta take a piss and you can’t even touch your face for a few days after eating the wings. That’s the spicy level ten kind of dump we’re working with today. The kind of spicy that makes you sweat, cry, and huddle in the corner until the pain and suffering subsides. As you know, there are certain things we can’t post to Facebook and that’s the reason that we have these dumps right here on our website.

Be sure to book our site and you can get the daily dose of savage right here instead of going to Facebook and hoping for things that we just flat out can’t post there.

How exactly do you use a baby as a distraction?

Nooooo.  How did I get here?


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