Smash Or Pass 21

Smash Or Pass 21

Tinder works like this as a man You swipe right on every single woman Once you matches come in, you decide how you want to approach them. If they are super ugly or disgusting in some way, you unmatch. If they are decent but not really attractive, you try to set up a booty call situation. If they are attractive, but not crazy attractive, you take them out for drinks and try to set up a friends with benefit situation. If they are super attractive, you hit them with a super like and you do your best to try and lock that one down, because in almost any other setting, the odds of you getting her attention are slim do none. This works like a charm and I suggest you all adopt my Tinder strategy. Now, for the smash or pass batch of the day.

I love some tater Thots

Why are you even on Tinder?


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