Sorry For The Disruptive User Experience

Sorry For The Disruptive User Experience

If you don’t want to read the full article, please just hook us up with some likes/shares when you see our content on fb.  As many of you know, for most of 2016, we had our page taken away.    We got it back, and things were going great, and then last week, a new kind of war has been waged on our page.  Our ad account was taken away (we use the page post promotion option to make sure that enough fans see our posts that link to our website because fb has been suppressing our link posts since we got our page back).  The specific reason the ad account was deactivated: We cause a disruptive user experience.

Obviously, since our page publishes meme content, when someone clicks one of our links who is a fan of our page, the expectation is that you will be seeing… yes, more meme content.  The hit we took in the last week amounts to an 80% reduction in the number of people who visit our website.  Just so everyone understands, we have almost 2.7 million fans on FB in more than 100 countries.  Our Alexa rank (which is the featured image) means that in the entire world, we are the 8,103rd most visited site on the Interwebs.

It is entirely possible that fb flagged us because we use hilarious featured images like this one where the dump is named: Memes Not Safe For Facebook

Or it could be dumps with featured images like this one with the name: Savage Memes Jan 2017

One thing we are pretty sure fb doesn’t like is our Smash or Pass series, this particular featured image was flagged for “having a fake play button”

The only way for us to combat this kind of feed suppression is for us to beg our fans to help us.  So here it is, please, when you see our memes / links in your fb feed, hook us up with a like.  If you want to achieve super fan status, in the right sidebar (or below this post if you’re on a mobile device) is a place where you can sign up to our email list.  We don’t sell email addresses, currently we don’t even send out emails, but we’re going to be starting a weekly newsletter to help get our site/content in front of more fans.  If you’re one of the 8 million people who has already visited our site regularly, thank you for your support.  If you want to take your fan status to the next level entirely, we would love for you to subscribe to our youtube channel, the whole purpose of this page was to feature our podcast, which we’ve been doing for more than 3 years now.  The subscribe link is below if you’re interested (even if you have no intention of ever watching a podcast, a subscribe is still a nice way of showing that you care).

Here is an ad block from google that contains some links to other content on our site if you feel like browsing around: