Nostalgia That Only 90’s Kids Will Understand

Nostalgia That Only 90’s Kids Will Understand

If she doesn’t know what these are, she’s too young for you… The 90’s. It was the best of times and the worst of times. I swear every single one of these photos brought up a crazy memory.

Had this, took it apart, got electrocuted when someone called the line.

Had all of them, seriously, best 6 way ever.

For when you sat in gum.

These were popular with girls who had parents earning less than $20k per year.

Hopefully this is a drug.

You know that he’s just a normal adult working a normal job now, and doesn’t even tell people who he is?  My guess is that he prob got between 299 and 7,893 girls pregnant, he is basically in hiding to escape paying child support.


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