Ladies, your hypocrisy is showing, and it’s less appealing than your T&A photos

Ladies, your hypocrisy is showing, and it’s less appealing than your T&A photos

I am officially unable to keep my mouth shut about this any longer… and I’ve been good about remaining quiet for years (which is a monumental achievement for me). Truth be told, it was a recent Facebook post upon which I stumbled that led me to drafting these here words. The post was made by a “friend” who is both a current cam girl and former Suicide Girls’ “model.” Not to mention, she also has a website on which she promotes her live cam shows and says she loves telling men what to do, and if they have something particular in mind, to pay and ask for it. And there are other items such as videos, photo sets, a blog, blah, blah, blah… What got me all fired up was not the relatively G-rated photos and videos (I need more than lingerie and scissoring to get me going), but rather the aforementioned Facebook post in which this woman openly (without concealing a name or photo) ripped some guy a new rectum for asking about a “private service” for an amount in the four-figure range.

Now, let me be crystal clear on something before I dive into the blatant hypocrisy headfirst: I DO NOT GIVE TWO FUCKS WHAT YOU DO FOR A LIVING, so long as it doesn’t harm anyone else or the environment. What I do give a fuck about are these women who do nothing more than portray themselves as sex objects, but then get infuriated when they are treated as such. It’s no different than the millions of women on Instagram… You know, the females who post a half-naked selfie or ass shot at least once a day. They’re also the same women who will call men out for being “thirsty” or “disgusting” when a male remarks upon the tits or ass showcased so blatantly for the entire world to see. To those types of women I have only this to say: you get that which you put out, and if all you do is present yourself as a sex object, well… don’t be surprised or even remotely upset when you’re treated as such.

Let me also assert that in no way, shape or form am I condoning the men who make such comments… far from it. In fact, we regularly mock them on the show. For any man to think that making such remarks will ultimately lead to sex with the woman whose photos upon which he’s commenting is laughable at best… and believe me, I do laugh. The men who think in such a fashion and comment accordingly are just as bad as the women who post.

But what makes such women even more vile than their inherent hypocrisy is the fact that they only bitch and moan about getting sexual attention when it comes from the “wrong” type of man (i.e. unattractive, short, poorly-dressed, broke, etc.). If the man posting or remarking in such a fashion happened to be a professional athlete, actor, businessman, or billionaire along the lines of “Mr. Gray”, the very same comments are seen as flattering and wholly embraced.

Which brings us back to the cam girl/model… The man who made the “offer” in question was, at best, an “average-looking” male. Now, I’m not saying that is the sole reason she took offense to his query, but I also wasn’t born yesterday. Regardless, she publicly bashed him for doing so and even went so far as to assert, “I’m not a whore.” (Lest we forget the whole bit about paying and asking for something if you want it…) And that may very well be the case, but given what she freely posts publicly for all to see, is the question about offering a “private service” for a price really that absurd? And the answer is, “no.”

Truth be told, I don’t care if you do get paid to fuck. Hell, I’ve considered it myself in tougher times. Just own it. Don’t pretend to be this saintly being just because you don’t go “all the way” with a “client,” yet you’ll fist your asshole for dinner at Denny’s.

Ladies, just because you aren’t soliciting sex on a street corner doesn’t make you any better or worse than the women who do. If you think that fucking females or dildoing yourself on a live cam while men “tip” you money makes you better than those you refer to as “whores,” you’re a hypocrite. And if you’re an Instagram “model” calling out men for making sexual comments, when every photo you post is of the body parts predominantly associated with sex, just shut the fuck up. You put yourself out there for attention, yet you get upset when it isn’t from your “target audience?” It doesn’t work that way, honey. You get all of the attention or none of it, and we all know that the latter would just obliterate your non-existent self-esteem.

In the words of Tupac, “Only God can judge me,” and I’m pretty sure He thinks you’re an annoying, hypocritical twat nugget.