Feeling Myself: Inside These Walls

Feeling Myself: Inside These Walls

It’s not about you. It’s about masturbation. There’s not a thing in the world that tops the feeling of feeling myself. While the sensation of sex is also unparalleled, it’s a completely different animal. I can make myself cum in less than 30 seconds (yeah, I timed it). No man has EVER done that for me. And though I would be highly impressed if one could, it’s not even necessarily something I’d hold in high regard since I’d much rather fuck for longer than half a minute. This isn’t me telling you I don’t need a man to make me sexually fulfilled, because I definitely do. It’s about that glorious, mind-bending O that only we can give ourselves.

No man has EVER done that for me.

I don’t believe it when people say they’ve never milked their moose or polished their pearl. How could one have NEVER Jack or Jilled off? Poor, unfortunate sexual trainwrecks. The beauty of exploring yourself is that once you’ve figured out exactly what gets you off, you can guarantee you’ll never be left unsatisfied. Believe it or not, my record climax lasted a full minute! How’s that for personal gratification? As an avid masturbator, I know exactly which of my buttons to push and I looove pushing them. There’s not a damn thing wrong with that. In fact, when it comes to my buttons, I believe sharing is caring (selfishly, of course).


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    Richard 8 years

    I stopped reading when you said ‘bae’. Get a clue you helpless slut.

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      Kd 8 years

      Grow up. If all your getting out of this is “bae” then your missing the point and you probably have the most boring unsatisfying sex life…

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    My girl and I do the mutual thing on occasion, she can go for hours until she shrivels up from dehydration. Always grateful to learn what new thing gets her off. We watch and learn . Sex an fore play lasts from 2 to 4 hours each time. I love having fun with this sexual powerhouse…..loving life

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