A Dump Only For The Savage

A Dump Only For The Savage

My generation has been accused of being nihilistic and blamed for the progression towards a total collapse of western values and democratic nations. Maybe that’s why I woke up this morning feeling really good about posting this. The trend lately has to blame the collapse on anything that was once normal on millennials is astounding. Not only has this been the talking point for baby boomers and generations X, but many millennials have taken up this talking point as well. They point to the fact that we care about nothing an we like laughing at offensive things as proof that we are to blame. Just because I laugh at a joke, doesn’t mean I don’t care about the real life ramifications or the tragedy of what the joke is actually about. Just like baby boomers didn’t care about taking away investments in education, infrastructure and the future of our nation, while hoarding all the benefits for themselves, didn’t mean that they don’t care about our success at the same time. Lie is complex. Humor is simple. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the offensive jokes.

That testosterone can be a big advantage.  Just ask Barry Bonds

It’s always fun messing with character settings.


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