The Savage Daily

The Savage Daily

Alright, who else is tired of all the insanity in this world? People are taking themselves too seriously and it’s causing a lot of problems for people like me who really just don’t have enough energy to hate. I barely have enough energy to get out of bed in the morning. Somebody needs to explain to me how these people have the energy and the time to get in a bus or a car and drive hundreds of miles away to protest a statue of a dead guy being taken down by a city they don’t even live in. It’s nuts to me how these people get through the day when every single time they see a minority they lose their minds thinking bout how they don’t belong in this country. It’s time for everybody to laugh at the stupidity of others, come together and unify over humor. Mic drop.

Why did he leave his wife?

He has a point, but she’s still pretty savage for surviving

That’s a little extreme


Just wrong

I wish they had this set up in my school

Too much math

So adorable


Look at these stupid edgelords

The best way to get away with a crime

Always be prepared and nimble


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