Tasteless News:  Dirty Stories of Dec 28th

Tasteless News: Dirty Stories of Dec 28th

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Investigation continues into Aurora mall fight involving 500


Apparently there are massive fights breaking out in malls all across the US.  This means one thing, and one thing only.  People are obviously not respecting the first rule of fight club.  On the bright said, a massive melee of 500 people is far more entertaining than the retarded flash mobs we’re used to seeing.  I think the UFC should adopt something like this.  500 MMA fighters seeking a UFC contract go into a food court and the last man standing gets a headlining fight.  That’s something I’d tune in for.  

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Former Versace employee says store uses code words for black shoppers


It’s shocking to me that Versace stores wouldn’t be happy with black people coming into their stores.  This is because the only time I ever hear anybody mention Versace is in some pop, sugar coated and watered down rap music.  All the years of free advertising Versace has received since the nineties should allow for black people to walk in the store without being stalked like it was an Asian mini mart.  

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Former IU student accused of rape sues school, accuser for defamation


It’s pretty obvious that in this country, when it comes to rape, you’re guilty even if proven innocent.  Your entire life can be ruined by one false accusation, even if it is eventually dismissed in court for insufficient evidence.  You’ll get fired, expelled, chastised, and the pitchforks will be out after you all on the word of one person.  The Salem Witch trials are back in the form of sexual assault accusations.  Women love to talk about how they are oppressed and their rights aren’t protected.  Tell them that men’s rights when it comes to due process are being violated and all they do is rattle off stats to show that women are the bigger victims.  Accept it sugar tits, everybody gets fucked in this world, not just women.    

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Police: Naked man subdued on Florida highway, later dies

Every single time a story begins with ‘Police: naked man’ it never ends well.  I think somebody running naked should always get the benefit of the doubt and be left alone.  The guy is only a danger to himself and he’s obviously induced a lot of drugs to get him to this state.  Can any good come from trying to subdue a man candy flipping on acid and ecstasy?  Let the man let his freak flag fly as he runs away from dragons and other mythological beasts until eventually he finds himself half consumed by an alligator in the Everglades.

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