Tasteless News:  The Dirty Stories from Dec 19th

Tasteless News: The Dirty Stories from Dec 19th

Feds indict two men in alleged $6 million ‘porno-trolling’ extortion scheme

This sounds like an almost perfect scheme.  Copyright videos that nobody gives a fuck about, then put them on a sharing site that everybody knows is questionable legally, then blackmail the people who download the content.  If there’s one thing nobody wants to be caught doing, it’s watching or downloading porn.  It would be horrible to explain to your friends that you’re going to court because you have to defend yourself from downloading porn illegally.  The other part that’s nuts is the fact that free porn is accessible everywhere.  You didn’t even need to download it  This guys made 6 million in just a few years.  Hats off to these shady assholes.

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Bill would block computers bought in S.C. from accessing porn

Look at this shakedown in the form of morality.  They don’t want people to access porn for whatever fucking reason.  These people probably think the next logical step after a joint is shooting up heroin in a high school classroom after joining a cult.  But don’t worry, morality isn’t the real issue.  It’s money.  This is just a simple government shakedown because for a small fee and age verification you too can access porn like the rest of the country.  But wait, there’s more the computer manufacturer itself also has to pay for computers that have access to porn.  What a time to be alive.  

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Man finds hidden compartment full of heroin in his new car


Why can’t I be this lucky?  The only thing I ever find after buying a car is that it’s a piece of shit and the repairs are fucking expensive.  This guy opened a compartment and earned his down payment back.  If only he wasn’t stupid enough to report it to the authorities.  This is like finding a stack of cash on the ground and turning it into the police.  Grow a pair and sell that shit, or find somebody who can do it for you.  We all have that one shady friend that can handle this for us,  

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