Smash Or Pass:  Summer Love

Smash Or Pass: Summer Love

Let’s call Tinder what it really is…a hook up app. The problem is, people feel so ashamed to admit it, the only way they are willing to put a profile up is if it allows for the illusion of seeking a relationship. We all know why you’re really here. Nobody has ever found love and happiness on Tinder so let’s not play any games. I swipe right on every profile, then after I get the match I decide if it’s even worth keeping. That’s just the way it works. After the match is when the real decision is made, and there are a few on here I would un-match immediately. Others, I’d definitely put in the booty call pipeline

She’s a keeper

What she’s really saying is she wants to cheat on her boyfriend but has to pretend she’s looking for friends


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