Savage And Spicy Dump

Savage And Spicy Dump

It’s a wild world out there right now. We have an orange orangutan as president fanboying over Putin. White women getting shot by the police. A female Dr. Who. Terrorist attacks. People waging war on news they don’t like. With all this chaos that’s swirling around, we make it a point to sit back and be able to laugh at all the nonsense, because in the end, you’re either laughing or angry. In my estimation, it’s the angry people who are causing all of these problems, so I prefer to be one of the people laughing. We’re actually part of the solution and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. Those who do, are the angry ones and they are the problem. So forget about those people and laugh it up and all the messed up stuff on this post.

Wait, do blue lives matter now?



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