Why do you guys write articles and do meme dumps?

Why do you guys write articles and do meme dumps?

This seems to be a popular question popping up on our posts from time to time recently.  We wanted to set the record straight once and for all.  We aren’t in this for the money, the luxury cars, the yachts or any other kind of financial motivation.  We do it for the love of comedy, not because we think you’ll accidentally swipe one of the ads for range rover or bmw (the ultimate driving machine).  Being in the highest tax bracket doesn’t make us any more happy than we are already.

If you’re thinking that we’re just hoping for a huge opportunity from a hot new movie title like Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, that’s literally the exact opposite of what motivates us to wake up in the morning.  We love being financially responsible, and making the minimum payment on our credit cards so we can keep our credit scores high.  It’s not like any of us have Mesothelioma and need cash fast in order to pay high profile attorneys who handle these kind of mass tort cases.

We’re seriously just a couple of guys, who don’t mind if we’re driving a 2017 Ferrari GTC4Lusso or a Vintage Schwinn Bike.  So when you visit our site, don’t take any actions on the page that you might suspect can help us get rich quick.  But do browse around the site, and check out our recent photo dumps, listen to our podcast Tasteless Gentlemen Episode 57 or subscribe to our YouTube channel / follow us on Twitter or IG and share our content.  Nothing says thank you to us more than the support of our fans, and being popular is a lot more valuable to us than investments in gold, buying fancy diamond necklaces or just burning a giant pile of cash because we can.  We love you guys.


P.S. we hope you get it.