Be An Edge Lord

Be An Edge Lord

If you’re curious why the savage memes start on page 2, then you might enjoy this.  We were really excited to hear that our site had such excellent high quality content that the network we rely on to bring visitors to our site labeled us “disruptive” and “negative” – normally labels like this are proud moments for a site like this, but it turns out that being disruptive and negative has consequences, consequences like less than 2k people see a link that we post to this site.  In an attempt to make this look like the actual content (we’ve been told they only read page 1), below are some sliders that link to other dumps – in case you see something you like there better) and then some subscribe buttons, like if you want to be our 10,000th fan on Twitter or something.

Here are some cute memes to start your morning off right. Since United is the hot topic today, there are a few of them in here…

In case you’re not sure what Edge Lord is, here is the definition from Urban Dictionary: A poster on an Internet forum, (particularly 4chan) who expresses opinions which are either strongly nihilistic, (“life has no meaning,” or Tyler Durden’s special snowflake speech from the film Fight Club being probably the two main examples) or contain references to Hitler, Nazism, fascism, or other taboo topics which are deliberately intended to shock or offend readers.


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