The Best From the Comments Section – moved

The Best From the Comments Section – moved

We post 20+ times a day to our Facebook page and see thousands of comments every single day. So to show our appreciation, what we are doing is making sure that we go through all the comments and find the best and most popular ones and we post them here on our website. So this is for those who got top comment, or deserved to get top comment even though some stupid political argument took the top spot. All the fun starts on the 2nd page, but I had to make sure that the first page was family friendly. The easily offended should proceed with caution. Thanks again for all the support and we will continue to see you in the comments.


This site has been rendered useless as a means of providing memes to the masses. In a last ditch attempt to save the content we already put so much time into publishing here, we’re pushing every meme back a page and the new page 1 of every dump on this site will just be a fancy widget to feature our t-shirts and other apparel. Now that you know this, you can choose to browse the shirts (we have new ones going up daily) or you could go directly to Emeute Apparel which is our online store. ¬†There is really no guaranty that this will work, so you’ll still see links going up sending traffic to our new site Tasteless Gentleman


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