Tasteless News: The dirty stories from Jan 4th

Tasteless News: The dirty stories from Jan 4th

Anti-surveillance clothing aims to hide wearers from facial recognition


This is amazing.  Finally there’s a clothing line dedicated to dudes with sidechicks.  No longer will social media automatically tag you in photos for your girlfriend or wife to see.  Not only that, if you witness a crime, the police won’t be able to use the technology to locate you as a witness which exposes your cheating ways to your girlfriend as well.  I for one would like to invest in this company even if it never reaches profitability.  This is because it is needed.

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Beer-drinking woman launches SUV into river, keeps drinking, cops say


This is the kind of woman I need in my life.  None of this half ass weekend warrior pretend crazy girl.  I’m talking full blown alcoholic that treats Tuesdays like a Friday in Vegas.  This woman was caught by the cops with her car in a river still drinking like nothing had happened.  Heroes get remembered, but legends never die.  This one is going in the archives of legendary drunks.  

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Man’s front door bricked up as he sleeps


This is some serious commitment to a prank that I haven’t seen since Tom Green painted his Parents’s house in plaid while they were out of town.  There can’t be a bigger WTF moment than the moment this man opened his front door to leave for work and almost ran into a brick wall.  On the bright side, I would take a picture of it, send it to my boss and tell him a brick wall is stopping me from getting to work and that I can’t make it in.  In life, you need to take advantage of moments like this.

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