South African Cop Gets Shot, Finishes Writing Traffic Ticket

This dude is hardcore! I don’t even understand why the guy needed to shoot the cop. He doesn’t look involved in the situation.

“Media queries or if you recognize the suspect or have any information which could assist police:….

Our traffic officers face many dangers when keeping our roads safe. They are the targets of criminals who will kill to steal an officer’s firearm.

Even after traffic officer Nizaam Alexander was shot at point blank range he continued to perform his duties. The hole left in the upper right rear shoulder of his uniform is visible at 0:51. His bullet proof vest prevented serious injury. The suspect appeared to have been struck once when T/O Alexander returned fire, but was able to escape by fleeing into densely packed shacks in the adjacent informal settlement. Show your support for officers like Nizaam Alexander by slowing down, not drinking and driving, wearing your seatbelt and leaving your cellphone alone when driving.
His dedication to serving the public had earned him the City of Cape Town Traffic Services Departmental Officer of the Year Award shortly before this incident.
Video courtesy original dashcam footage from the City of Cape Town.”