Smash Or Pass No. 10

Smash Or Pass No. 10

Tinder has become an essential part of every single person’s day. It’s what you do while driving, working, laying in bed, watching TV, and you do it because it allows you to do what you needed Friday and Saturday night at the bars to do all within your daily routine. It’s kind of sad, that going to the bars has turned in to just getting drunk without a real need to actually pull a girl home since you can line up 5 booty calls a week with Tinder. Just swipe right and decide later. You can fill your schedule with dates, booty calls and friends with benefits. 2017 is an amazing time to be alive. You should all feel lucky. I know I do.

I’m not good at math, but this doesn’t seem right

She could crush your head between those thighs


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