Smash Or Pass:  Hot August Nights

Smash Or Pass: Hot August Nights

While working on this post, I was trying to think of the worst Tinder date I have been on and it was difficult. I’m usually pretty good for the first three dates, after that it gets too close to long term commitment and I fall apart. I’ve definitely been out with a few who are completely nuts and it showed up a few weeks down the road. One woman who I told I was only looking to hook up, started screaming at me post coitus at three in the morning because I didn’t want a relationship. She was yelling at me about how I should want to be with her and I need a relationship to be happy and blah blah blah I told her happiness is a state of mind, put my clothes on and bounced out.

I think the worst Tinder date I went on wasn’t really a date in hindsight. This girl was a former cheerleader and close to a ten, we had been texting for awhile and had been meaning to meet up. She texted me on a Thursday asking if I wanted to get some drinks by the beach.. She ended up delaying a few hours on the day we were supposed to meet up, then showed up with one of her girls to the bar we were at. I understand being cautious about meeting up with guys from a dating app, but that was just a waste of my damn time.


What is the process do donate?

Don’t threaten me with a good time

Face off

Whoa, what is this

I think this is going to cost you money

87…a little old to be on Tinder


The dream

Game on

She’s probably five foot two


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