Savage Hump Day Dump

Savage Hump Day Dump

We’re week one into the civil war and the memes aren’t drying up. The world would be a lot more peaceful is people just stayed home and laughed at stupid stuff on the internet. Look what happens when you leave the house. It’s a dangerous world out there. Things are a lot safer at home where you have access to anything you need and between instacart and postmates you never have to leave for food. Also, you can use Kodi and you never have to go to a movie theater, Amazon means you never have to go to the store for anything and Netflix will deliver and stream anything you want to watch. So what that means is you can lay in bed while waiting for your groceries, your new desk, your lunch, while streaming your favorite TV show and the cherry on top is you can be looking at some dank/savage memes right here on TTG. That’s the utopia I’m working towards.

Chess not checkers

Roll Tide


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