Morning Show Chef Chopping Lines Of Coke On Live TV

The restaurant business is notorious for drug use. I’m not sure if this is real, but I fucking hope so.

Via Yahoo TV:

I’m not exactly sure what country this is from, but it’s safe to say that wherever in the world this morning show clip emanates from, there’s cocaine there.

In the short clip above, a pair of morning show hosts are going through the motions, talking topics while the cameras roam. Eventually, the cameras catch up with the morning show chef who is preparing some… cocaine (probably). Next to the hefty line of (allegedly) coke is a rolled up bill, and like a boss, the chef looks up at the cameraman like, “What the f*ck, dude.” Also, his eyes.


It’s obvious, from the glassy marbles protruding from his skull, that this isn’t the first time he was ingesting cocaine (allegedly) on this day. After getting caught, the chef turns to his left, towards his cooking or coke-ing (allegedly) pal, and says something along the lines of, “Heh. They just caught me breaking out a canker. I’m done.”

Honestly, we have no clue what he said, but he was probably sh*tting a healthy brick, and it’s amazing that the cameraman decided it’d be a good idea to start his footage on (something that looks exactly like) a line of coke. Either he had no idea what he was filming or he really, really hates that chef. The other amazing thing is that this chef is (seemingly) preparing cocaine in a live TV studio. So many questions.