10 Perfect Movies With One Glaring Flaw

VIA: What Culture

“One of the most maligned parts of the Star Wars prequels is the inclusion of Jar Jar Binks, a ham-fisted attempt at injecting comic relief into a franchise that was fun enough already thank you very much. Getting more screen-time than Darth Vader, his tiresome slapstick is often pointed at as the central problem that stops The Phantom Menace being awesome. Of course, while the Star Wars prequels aren’t the abhorrent skidmarks on cinema some would claim them to be, their problems couldn’t be fixed by simply removing everyone’s least-favourite Gungan.

There are plenty of films out there, however, that are perfect, bar a handful of irritating problems. Film is, when done right, an artist’s medium and that naturally brings with it problems; whether it’s an idea that won’t stand up to close scrutiny or goofs from human error there’s always going to be an issue that slips through. If a film’s good enough it can end up not really mattering, but that can’t unwrite the truth that it’s there.

Today we’re going to look at ten movies that are, by all intents and purposes, perfect, but still have a central glaring flaw that, while not really damaging them, is unavoidably there. Tread carefully: you may never look at your favourite movies in the same way again.”

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