Women Want Your Status:  The theory of trickle down attentionomics

Women Want Your Status: The theory of trickle down attentionomics

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To be envied is the human being’s chiefest joy.

– Mark Twain

It’s easy to say that women are only interested in guys with money.  That’s because we see so many women overlook everything else about a guy as long as he has an unusually large…bank account.  But the real reason women go for men with money isn’t the things money can buy, it’s the attention the things money can buy gets.

Expensive items draw the gaze of passerby who might not even know exactly what they are looking at.  You don’t need to be a car expert to have a Ferrari catch your attention.  Same goes for expensive shoes, watches, clothes, homes, vacations etc.  Women don’t really want these expensive things because if they existed in a vacuum and nobody else noticed she had them, she would have no interest.  What women really want to mooch off of men is the attention they command.

If a man gets attention for whatever reason, it means that the attention will also trickle down to them.  This is why you will see women with broke musicians, DJs, club promoters etc.  These people don’t even have to be talented or well liked, but so long as they are the center of attention, it means that some of that attention will eventually make it’s way to the woman they are with.

It’s really simple and you can see if in everything women do.  They start fights just because a man isn’t paying them enough attention.  They talk about how ugly they look just for attention.  They’ll fuck you if you’re not paying them attention.  No one man could ever give a woman all the attention she wants in the same way no woman could give a man all the sex he wants.  This is why they need a man who commands attention.  If he is the subject of discussion, so is she.  If he’s invited to a party, so is she.  If he’s VIP, so is she.

Along the journey she’ll be sure to document everything that commands attention on all her social media accounts so she can also get attention from everybody they know.  If you could inject attention into women like heroin, they would overdose all the fucking time.  So when you’re shocked the girl you like won’t give you the time of day because of some douchebag DJ or some broke garage band guitar player, just remember it’s because you don’t command the attention of others and it means you have nothing to offer her.

If she’s with you, be careful.  She will drain you for everything you have until you no longer command attention.  Then she will leave with your best friend who gets all the attention.  Now you’re broke and she took the only thing you had going for you as far as women are concerned.  That thing is the attention you used to get.

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