Smash or Pass 7 aka Smashmageddon – moved

Smash or Pass 7 aka Smashmageddon – moved

I hope you have some lens wipes, because those glasses are about to be foggy, Smash.

If I can get a hold of my H guy, I’m going share needles with this one.  Smash.

You know that my colon is cleaner than a dogs mouth, so you’re going to be having Chef Salad for dinner, and I’m the Chef.

Smash, but I’m going to have you wear a t-shirt so I don’t have to see those rolls.

If you’re the one on the right, smash, if you’re the one on the left, you’re going to hold the camera.

Sassy, I like it, smash and kill her dog.

I bet everyone tried to tongue punch your fart box, I’m thinking about it and I’m just looking at a picture of you…

Runaway Bride – smash and return to husband.

Solid pass, crazy eyes, fat arms, bad makeup, 50+ years old (unless she wants to meet behind a dumpster in a dark alley and signs an NDA so I know no one will ever find out)


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