If Savage Was A Meme

If Savage Was A Meme

If savage was a meme dump, this would be it.  This is the kind of stuff we may be able to get away with on fb, but once the report trolls find them, they’ll have a field day.  And we’ll be on a 3 hour conference call with fb where they explain how we’re not adding value to the fb community a promoting hate speech.  We’d like to start this dump off with a recently reported post from fb, and we lost the dispute, it was found to violate the fb community standards… the cuckoning is real.

To be fair, he had magic on his side.

#fakenews #showmethedata

As long as you let the world know something is not yours, you’re golden.

You can’t fool Anne Frank.

Yea, they dress like they’re from the future.

Don’t fall prey to the above the neck over the head camera angle, it lies.


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