Relationships or Flings:  Which one is better?

Relationships or Flings: Which one is better?

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Fling cons (2):

1. Energy:  This shit is fucking exhausting.  Physically, not emotionally.  Like I said before, this involves a lot of booze, a lot of bar hopping, and a lot of hangovers.  When I was 21 I could bounce back from a night of heavy drinking and fornicating like it was nothing.  After 25 (if you’re not there yet, trust me it will happen to you) the hangovers become increasingly worse.  At almost 31, the hangovers are crippling and can only be cured with lots of time or lots of booze (the latter just delays the hangover).  

2. Less emotional baggage:  I know I put this as a pro, but it’s a double edged sword.  Because there is a lot of passion beneath the surface and because of the fact that both of you are trying to hide this it creates an environment where both of you feel as if you’re not entitled to be mad.  This means frustration and anger is suppressed and will ultimately boil over into the inevitable falling out that will transition you into your awaiting future fling.  This can be unfortunate because through this process, I’ve ruined a lot of potentially good relationships with women I truly did care about.

Relationship pros (1):

1. Energy:  This is something that really only came into consideration as I got older.  Before my most recent relationship I would be out drinking so often that I thought being hungover was what mornings were supposed to feel like.  After boozing and hunting it was nice to have a little sobriety and home cooked meals.  I looked forward to mornings instead of dreading an impending hangover.  I lost weight, ate healthier and felt better physically than I had in a long time.


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