Apathy:  It’s What Women Want

Apathy: It’s What Women Want

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“Charm is a way of getting the answer ‘yes’ without asking a clear question” – Albert Camus


So you’re a little overweight, average looking and spend most of your time bar hopping with your brolos.  It’s a crap-shoot as to whether or not you’re going to get lucky from night to night as you scam and hit on women by trying to spark conversation with pick up lines and other cheesy approaches.  You make excuses about why this isn’t working, it’s because women want guys with money, with better looks, who stand taller and have bigger vag torpedos.  While women do care about all of these things, it’s not what they really want.  What they really want is apathy.  


Even a guy who possesses all of those desirable traits can lose a woman by showing he is interested.  The most important rule from the Tao of Steve is to be desireless.  We pursue that which retreats from us.  It’s not about being an asshole, though over time the general consensus among women will be that you are in fact an asshole, but really they’re just mislabeling apathy.  If you were really an asshole, she’d have no interest in you from the start.  

So why do women love apathy so much?  I don’t know.  I’m not a psychologist.  Maybe it has something to do with her affection for the absent men in her life.  It’s the inner stripper rooted in daddy issues manifesting itself.  You can thank her absent father or alcoholic stepfather for that.  Maybe it’s the competitive nature of women that have them swinging from used dick to used dick like eventually she’s going to catch the king of the jungle.  So long  as the king of the jungle remains unclaimed and wild she believes she has a chance.  


But when the king of the jungle falls in love she’s already out there looking for another used dick to swing on.  That’s the catch-22 of it all.  I once perched myself at an outdoor bar at the beach for a few shots of tequila.  Next to me was a fake chesticled southern belle with the cliche big blonde hair and daisy dukes with countless dudes offering to buy shots with a chaser of cock.  I had more interest in booze than her boobs so as I waited to order a shot.  She asked me to buy her one.  I told her I don’t buy drinks in exchange for conversation, if she wanted to talk she could buy me one and I turned back to the bartender.  Sure enough she ignored all the thirsty dudes at the bar to buy us some shots and to make a long and useless story short, a few hours and many drinks later she was in my bed.  

I’m no ladies man and certainly not a smooth operator.  I’m not great looking nor do I have hundreds hanging out of my fly.  I’m a 5 foot 9 hairy Jew who had no business with this woman.  In that moment of our first interaction, I genuinely had more interest in getting a shot of tequila than talking to her and she sniffed out the disinterest like it was the ‘take your daughter to work day’ her dad never took her on.  So if you’re never there for her, never show interest in her emotions, or accomplishments, and act like the perfect absent father, you’ll have her screaming daddy for all your neighbors to hear.  Just don’t fall in love with her, because she’ll sniff it out and you’ll be left on read for eternity.  

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